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      中文简介:中国电信正在开发一套虚拟世界产品ChinaQ,目前已经开始内测。ChinaQ的用户帐号将和ADSL以及电话绑定,进行虚拟货币的结算。为了增加用户活跃度,ChinaQ设计了任务系统,以避免新用户迷失在虚拟世界里。在ChinaQ之前,中国市场上已经有了Hipihi, Novoking, uWorld等虚拟世界产品。这些产品都还在努力的吸引用户,为什么中国电信会选择开发类似的虚拟世界产品,而不是开发一套在线游戏呢?

If you know recently another virtual world product ChinaQ started its private beta in China, you will not be surprised. But I think you will not expect to see China Telecom Logo on its website. Yes, ChinaQ is a new virtual world service by China Telecom.
ChinaQ is still in private beta, you need to apply for the account or ask other users for invitation. Based on the screenshots, the quality of 3D is not impressing. As other virtual world, you can edit your avatar, make friends in the world, you can own land, create buildings, furnitures and other objects, and also sell the objects you own. The world will use a virtual coin, CQ coin, which can be bundled with your ADSL bill and your phone bill.

To increase user activeness, ChinaQ designs the task system, when you follow the instructions to complete certain tasks, you can earn some virtual coins. The task system makes ChinaQ somewhat like an online game, we know Chinese users are addicted to games. The task system might avoid making newcomers lost in an open world, and can help them retain interests. But you cannot rely on a task system in an virtual world.

Before ChinaQ, there are already Hipihi, Novoking and uWorld virtual world in China, but they are still struggling in attract more users and retain users. Why China Telecom choose to run a virtual world product, not an online game?





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