Tangos Chan




Sina and Netease adds SNS games: What are the hottest features of China’s SNS? The answer is “Friends for Sale”. Last week, both Sina and Netease add “friends for sale” function into their blog/space service. Friends For Sale was first introduced to China by, together with Parking War. Leveraging on these two apps, enjoys high growth of traffic. Then these two apps was copied by and People in China’s SNS go crazy for these two games. Finally, big Internet portal sites Sina and Netease also want to take advantage of these popular apps to build their SNS.


Since early this year, Sina has started to evolve its blogging service into a SNS. Adding apps platform into Sina is another important step to this objective. However, because Sina is more media-oriented, let’s see whether Sina’s users will welcome such interactive features and SNS concept. launched open platform: The open platform of finally be online in August. So far, only a few apps are available on the platform, also including a “Friend for Sale”-like application. allows developers to integrate Google Adsense in the widgets to generate revenue.


At the same time, launched a new profile page option, which makes the profile page looks like Facebook, while currently its profile pages are more similar to Myspace. rolled out Open Social platform:, the SNS run by ex-Yahoo China CEO and ex-Hexun CEO, partnered with Google to release the first real Open Social platform in China. Open platform is not a new idea for China’s SNS any more, will Open Social platform bring advantages to Yiqi?