Tangos Chan




       周二在上海AD:Tech大会上,我很荣幸被CIC Data的Sam Flemming 邀请为中国网络口碑营销讨论组的成员。在这个讨论组里,我做了一个5分钟的演讲,以联想ideapad s10 笔记本为研究案例。

        在过去的两个月里,联想一直在为他的新netbook,ideapad s10 宣传推广,主要是通过社会媒体进行营销。它使用了BBS、QQ表情图标、视频、校内网上的小应用等等。一个可爱的酷酷熊被设计为S10的标志图片,因此联想主要通过一些动人的爱情故事来宣传这个可爱的酷酷熊。结果不是很差。在优酷上,酷酷熊的视频被观看了170万次。校内网上的小应用也排到了第六位,每天大约有58000个活跃用户。在淘宝店铺上的销售也相当不错。

        但是,在整个推广过程中,有一些重要的因素被遗漏了,否则会做得更好,这就是“交流”。 S10没有为用户提供任何与他们交流的通道。例如,校内网上小应用的开发者的链接,直接把你引导到S10的官方网站上。而校内网上其它应用会把你引导到网站内的用户页面上。因此他们在使用社会媒体工具进行社会媒体营销,但是他们没有使用传统的广播营销途径。



Last Tuesday on Ad:tech Shanghai, I was honored to be invited by Sam Flemming of CIC Data to be a panelist of “Internet Word of Mouth in China: Brands Engaging with Real People, Real Talk and Real Community”. On the panel, I made a 5-minute presentation on a case study of Lenovo Ideapad S10.

Since my slides is quite simple, I’d like to explain it a little bit. In last two months, Lenovo was promoting its new netbook, Ideapad S10, by a social media marketing campaign. It used BBS, QQ emotional icons, video, widgets/app on and etc. A lovely Kuku Bear is the brand image of S10, therefore Lenovo mainly promoted this bear image with some touching love story. The results is not bad. Its video on Youku was viewed for over 1.7 million times, its application on ranked No. 6 most popular apps on the platform, with about 58,000 daily active users. And its sales on Taobao shop is quite good.

But it has something important missing in the whole campaign, which can make it much better. That is conversation. S10 did not provide any channel for users to communicate with them, for example, the link to developer of app on Xiaonei just leads you to the official site of S10, while links of other apps on Xiaonei will lead you to a user profile page on So they are using social media tools to do a social media marketing, but they just did it in a traditional broadcast marketing way, instead of conversational marketing.

In the slides, I also briefly discussed that conversation should be honest and open, you should not try to make fake posts online; and conversation means you should respect each users, and should not regard them as anonymous identities online.

I shared my slides on already. If you are interested in it, you can download the ppt file from slideshare, which contains some notes.