After long research, Red Herring is releasing its Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists list. This comes as economies have radically changed across the globe, seriously challenging the asset class. Nevertheless, the facts remain: higher relative returns, hundreds of thousands of jobs created, and super-sized brands such as Facebook and Twitter speak volumes. Not to mention the world has been improved through advances in biotech and cleantech. Yet not all venture capital at work has held its side of the bargain and returned sufficient money to its backers, the limited partners. For the LPs, those who manage vast pools of money from pensions and other sources, 2007-2009 will be remembered as the dark years. Fortunately, the Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists represent the best of the group. This group sends checks to their limited partners and holds substantive unrealized value in their portfolios, just waiting for a better exit market.

  经过长期的研究,《红鲱鱼》杂志(Red Herring)发布了最新的“全球VC百强”榜单。这份榜单是在这样的背景下出炉的:全球经济形势发生了巨变,并且对创业投资行业构成了严峻挑战。尽管如此,有些事实仍然不容忽视:仍然存在着相对更高的回报率、成千上万的新增就业岗位和诸如Facebook、Twitter这样的超级明星创业。更不用说生物技术和清洁技术给世界带来的改善机会了。但是并非所有的创业资本(VC)都抓住了这些变化中有利的一面,交给其支持者(主要是LP)足够满意的现金回报。对于掌管着来自养老基金等处巨额资金的LP来说,2007年~2009年绝对是个黑色的记忆。幸运的是,“全球VC百强”代表了这群人中最杰出的那一类。这类人仍然为他们的LP带来了现金支票,此外他们还拥有尚未实现退出但是质地优良的投资组合,只待退出市场好转这些投资组合就能产生丰厚的回报。

      The Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists list at least demonstrates the qualitative work done by the profession. Most of these 100 firms return money to their LP backers. The ranking methodology is constructed of more than a dozen benchmarks. Among those, we value firms that outpace average returns and build startups from the ground up on a global basis. Red Herring also values stable teams who transition well from one generation of professionals to another. But there’s another, less tangible value that we recognize: those VCs valued by entrepreneurs for their advice and stewardship. As such, we ultimately value the venture platforms that have managed to display and implement a recognizable uniqueness. Then, of course, there are the more quantifiable characteristics such as their global reach. And let’s not forget those firms that hold substantial positions in startups that now exceeded $100 million in sales.


      During the past 25 years in venture, household names have been built and the best firms have left their mark. Some will contest our choices. Many will agree that we have chosen a better course than just sifting through historical returns. As most of the Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists know, we have asked the firms to tell us about what they have in store and to divulge information about their best portfolio companies. In doing all that these rankings require, we have seen the difficulties of assembling data, measuring intangible qualities, and comparing different vintage funds from fifteen countries, along with other complexities. We trust that this effort will not only bring more of an insider’s perspective to an industry long misunderstood but also provide more transparency.


       Last, we’d like to congratulate an exceptional group of professionals—selected among 1,800 entries—and welcome your feedback. But Red Herring’s Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists list doesn’t stop here. In the coming weeks, the publication plans to profile the top 25 on the list, detailing the next generation of young venture capitalists poised to take charge of the industry. Stay tuned.


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